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Help… My ex-wife took my son

My ex-wife lives in Ill. and I live in Missouri and she has got a ex-parte, so I couldn’t take my son out of Ill. This all started 10 months ago and I still haven’t seen my son.

I am a deputy sheriff in Missouri and the ex-parte is even threatening my job..I don’t know anything about Ill law…can anyone help me…

my lawyer is not much help but the judge won’t even talk to me without one..

How will the court react???

I was laid off three months ago. Now I have two offers – one is local and the other would require my son and I to relocate from PA to Mass. My son and I could live on the wages of the PA job but only if I stop paying alimony.

If I have to keep paying it, then I lose money every month. The job in Mass. pays almost twice the money so we could live well on it and STILL pay alimony. I plan on sending my ex a letter explaining to her that if she is willing to give me a notarized letter saying that she no longer wants the alimony money, then we’ll stay where we are. If I don’t get the letter then we’ll have to move away.

My issue is this: eventually this letter would come to the attention of the courts. Will the courts see it as an attempt to “blackmail” the “poor little ex-wife” or will they see it for what it really is – an attempt to provide for my son and keep him closer to her. Any thoughts on how you think the court will react?

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