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I am representing myself here in California

I am representing myself here in California (it’s called Pro Per here), as I have in all civil cases in the past. Today, I was granted a three year restraining order against my wife’s boyfriend that not only keeps him away from me, but my kids (even if they are with her) and my cars (even the one she drives).

If you study the codes of civil procedure, talk to some of the free assistance folks, you can actually run rings around attorneys! In court this morning, this clown threw papers at me, yelled at the judge, said I was a con man and knew how to manipulate the court (which brought a big smile to the judge’s face). He tried to tell the judge that I have stolen $400,000 (dang, where did it go?), and that I haven’t had a job in three years (where am I driving to then?).

My wife is all upset at me for upsetting the poor fellow (awwww), but she even warned him not to go to court against me without an attorney. But he is convinced that since I don’t have a degree in law, that he is smarter than me, and I am an idiot. Well, the “idiot” just screwed up his life, and the judge even stated that she felt he was unstable.

Score one for the idiots!

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