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Month: April 2017

In the State of Indiana

Anything is fair game. Your income, your spouse’s earnings, any overtime, profit sharing, lottery winnings, etc. Consult your attorney regarding this issue. Inheritances are questionable depending on when the monies were received … before, during or after your divorce. These clauses are usually drafted in your Dissolution Decree/Divorce Papers. Again, seek legal counsel.

Remember, child support in Indiana is based on two incomes … yours and your ex’s. It is calculated based on both your earnings. If you’re suspicious of this, ask your attorney to draft in interrogatory to be served. Your ex must comply … as I’m sure you would if she requested you to submit your W-2’s through her attorney to your barrister.

Remember, full disclosure must be exercised on both sides. Then from there you’ll have a bargaining tool in order to get your support payments adjusted. I went through a similar situation here in Fort Wayne. Just be patience, honest and try to keep paying your support until the time comes for you to go to Court … then if it goes to Court, let the Court decide.

Good Luck … Peace!

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