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Month: June 2012

How will the court react???

I was laid off three months ago. Now I have two offers – one is local and the other would require my son and I to relocate from PA to Mass. My son and I could live on the wages of the PA job but only if I stop paying alimony.

If I have to keep paying it, then I lose money every month. The job in Mass. pays almost twice the money so we could live well on it and STILL pay alimony. I plan on sending my ex a letter explaining to her that if she is willing to give me a notarized letter saying that she no longer wants the alimony money, then we’ll stay where we are. If I don’t get the letter then we’ll have to move away.

My issue is this: eventually this letter would come to the attention of the courts. Will the courts see it as an attempt to “blackmail” the “poor little ex-wife” or will they see it for what it really is – an attempt to provide for my son and keep him closer to her. Any thoughts on how you think the court will react?

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