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I read through the information you sent yesterday

I read through the information you sent yesterday and found it very interesting. It is the kind of information I have searched the interent for and been unable to find.

I guess my question (I could not find a reference in yesterdays info) is whether or not a gift or inheritance can be calimed as earnings, or whether it can even be made relevant asx an issue toward child support.

I thought I had read something last year about it being applied toward child support, but I’ll be dogged if I can remember where I read it at.

Again, thank you for the information,

Child support in Indiana

My ex and I make approximately the same in income in the state of Indiana. She is attempting to raise my child support. I have our two boys one half of each week throughout the summer, with a full ten days in the middle for vacations.
During the school year, I have the boys every weekend from Friday to Sunday for six weeks, then have them Mon-Wed for six weeks, but not for overnights on the Mon-Wed schedule because my ex feels “they should be home on school nights”. As if I live in a cave with a dragon or something….laughs…

I have reason to believe my ex has recently came into some money, i.e. an inheritance or gift.

Is that something that she would have to claim as income?

If so, how would I go about verifying she got it?

Thanks for all you help,


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